The Best BBQ Chicken

The best BBQ chicken breast recipe

The best BBQ chicken breast recipe doesn’t call for complicated marinades or rubs. It’s all about this easy on-the-grill or in-the-oven cooking method sweetened with BBQ sauce for moist and juicy barbecue chicken breasts every time.

BBQ chicken, whether cooked on the grill or baked in the oven, is one of those dinners nobody at the table will complain about. Unless it’s dry and overcooked. But that is NOT this recipe. It’s a basic anyone can easily master, so that they too can claim their BBQ chicken is the best on the block.

This recipe is simple and it’s ready quick. There’s no extra time needed for marinades or fancy rubs. All you need is good quality chicken breasts, a hot grill or oven, and your favorite BBQ sauce to slather.

Grab the napkins my friends. Let’s cook us some barbecue chicken.

Boneless Chicken Breast or Bone-in Chicken Breast?

Boneless chicken breasts won’t have as much flavor as the bone-in/skin-on variety. That’s why basting in BBQ sauce at the end of the cooking time is where you’ll find a lot of flavor. And when seasoned and cooked correctly, even my recipe for basic sauce-less grilled chicken breasts can taste flavorful and juicy every time.

Most chicken eaters prefer the white meat of chicken breasts. So for chicken that’s cooked quick, I use basic, skinless, boneless chicken breasts. Of course you can use this same cooking method for skin-on, bone-in BBQ chicken breasts, or for legs and thighs too. The technique is the same, the cooking times will vary.

Larger chicken breasts do not always translate to better chicken. Bigger breasts take longer to cook, and cook unevenly or overcook. Look for chicken breasts that are between 6 to 9 ounces per piece. If you’re chicken breasts are thin on the ends and fat in the middle, trim the thin ends off so they don’t crisp and burn..

If you want an extra fast BBQ chicken breast, slice your boneless breasts in half lengthwise to make two thin cutlets. They’ll cook in half the time.

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